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sample of lecture on “Of Creation”: a footnote on John Frame

  This is a footnote from a lecture for this year’s conference.   88. Frame makes other assertions which are not reflective of the Reformed theological tradition. For example: “. . . relenting belongs to God’s very nature . . . Relenting is a divine attribute. . . . relenting is part of God’s unchangeable


sample from lecture on “Of Creation”

  Our confession lays the groundwork for understanding the divine economy by first establishing its interpretive basis in theology proper and the doctrine of the written Word of God.   Prior to discussing the external operations of God, the confession contains foundational statements concerning the ontology and ad intra works of God, the very same


sample of lecture on “Of Creation,” The works of God toward creatures reveal the triune God to creatures

The Works of God toward Creatures Reveal the Triune God to Creatures Psalm 104:30 says, “You send forth Your Spirit, they are created; And You renew the face of the earth.” Here both creation and renewal are attributed to the Spirit of God. But notice one more thing about this text. Notice these words carefully:


Sample of lecture on “Of Creation” for SCRBPC ’17

This method was, in my opinion, cogently argued in the first two chapters of Confessing the Impassible God. Those chapters were written by Charles J. Rennie and Ronald S. Baines. I highly commend them for your consideration. For example, Baines says, “To suggest that giving precedence to the texts which speak of God ontologically .


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