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SCRBPC ’16 lecture titles as of today

Drs. Stefan T. Lindblad, B.A. in History and Classics from Seattle Pacific University, M.Div. from Westminster Seminary California and the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies, and Ph.D. candidate in Systematic and Historical Theology at Calvin Theological Seminary, is our speaker at this fall’s conference. The conference will be held on October 24-25, 2016.

Here are the lecture titles thus far:

1. Tremendum Mysterium: A Historical and Theological Primer on the Divine Decree
2. The Will of God: One or Three?
3. Christ & the Decree Revisited
4. A Prelude to Dordt: Arminius & Trelcatius at the University of Leiden

SCRBPC ’15 testimony of Pastor Brandon F. Smith

I am not normally enthusiastic about traveling cross-country, but I am thankful that I attended the Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference in 2015. During 24 years of ministry I have attended many conferences. I gleaned helpful thoughts from an assortment of presentations in the past, but this conference was different. Every lecture challenged me as a pastor and theologian in my thinking about the immensity and greatness of our God. I sat, at times, in awe of Him and other times giving thanks to Him. The conference reassured me of my need as a pastor to grapple with the doctrine of God both biblically and in general revelation. We need not give up the “battlefield of general revelation” to secular thinkers. My job, as pastor/theologian, requires me to think through who God is even in places of mystery. Although the doctrine of God leads to mystery sometimes, there is still much for me to learn concerning our God. I went away encouraged to read more on theology proper for my personal growth and the benefit of the local church.

Pastor Brandon F. Smith
Trinity Reformed Baptist Church Jackson, GA

SCRBPC ’15 registration now open

You can register here. If your wife is coming, please indicate in comment box at bottom of registration page.

SCRBPC ’15 registration opens next week


This year, we are privileged to have Drs. Renihan and Dolezal address the doctrine of God. You can view the full schedule here. We are planning on having a panel discussion with Drs. Renihan and Dolezal and Sam Renihan (author of two books on the subject) on the doctrine of divine impassibility. Each night closes with a Q&A. Besides the lectures and Q&A, we also provide two complimentary meals (lots of meat!). We hope you can join us! Here is the registration page.

SCRBPC 2015 schedule…as of today




Monday, November 2 – Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The Doctrine of God


Key-note speaker:

Dr. James E. Dolezal
Part-time Professor of Theology, Philosophy, and Church History
Cairn University
Langhorne, PA

Guest speaker:

Dr. James M. Renihan
Dean and Professor of Historical Theology
Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies
Escondido, CA


Monday, November 2, 2014

1. Registration/check-in: Monday, November 2 – 1:30-2:45pm
2. Session 1 (lecture, Dr. Renihan): Monday afternoon, November 2 – 3:00-4:00pm
3. Break: Monday afternoon, November 2 – 4:00-4:15pm
4. Session 2 (lecture #1, Present State of the Doctrine of God in Evangelicalism, Dr. Dolezal): Monday afternoon, November 2 – 4:15-5:15pm
5. Dinner: complimentary Tacos (full-conference attendees only), Monday, November 2 – 5:15-6:30pm
6. Session 3 (lecture #2, Divine Simplicity: 1. The Theological Grammar of Orthodoxy, Dr. Dolezal): Monday evening, November 2 – 6:30-7:30pm
7. Break: Monday evening, November 3 – 7:30-7:50pm
8. Session 4 (Q&A, Drs. Dolezal and Renihan): Monday evening, November 2 – 7:50-8:30pm

Tuesday, November 3, 2014

9. Session 5 (lecture #3, Divine Simplicity: 2. On the Inadequacy of Harmonism and Actualism, Dr. Dolezal): Tuesday morning, November 3 – 8:30-9:30am
10. Break: Tuesday morning, November 3 – 9:30-9:50am
11. Session 6 (lecture #4, Divine Eternity: The Challenge of Creation, Dr. Dolezal): Tuesday morning, November 3 – 9:50-10:50am
12. Break: Tuesday morning, November 3 – 10:50-11:10am
13. Session 7 (Panel Discussion on Divine Impassibility: Dr. Dolezal, Dr. Renihan, and Sam Renihan): Tuesday morning, November 3 – 11:10am-12:10pm
14. Lunch: complimentary Argentine BBQ (full-conference attendees only), Tuesday afternoon, November 3 – 12:10-1:30pm
15. Break: Tuesday afternoon, November 3 – 1:30-6:30pm
16. Session 8: (lecture #5, Trinity: Rehabilitating the Unity of Being, Dr. Dolezal): Tuesday evening, November 3 – 6:30-7:30pm
17. Break: Tuesday evening, November 3 – 7:30-7:50pm
18. Session 9 (Q&A, conference speakers): Tuesday evening, November 3 – 7:50-8:30pm
19. Closing prayer and doxology

SCRBPC 2015 Of God and of the Holy Trinity, Dr. James E. Dolezal

Topic: Of God and of the Holy Trinity

Dates: Monday-Tuesday, November 2 & 3, 2015

Speakers: Dr. James E. Dolezal and James M. Renihan

Format: Six lectures, Two Q&A sessions, One panel discussion on Divine Impassibility with Q&A at the end


Stay tuned for registration info.

Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies 2015 article titles

You can view the article titles for the next edition of JIRBS here.