For the edification of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors 

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SCRBPC 2015 schedule…as of today




Monday, November 2 – Tuesday, November 3, 2015


The Doctrine of God


Key-note speaker:

Dr. James E. Dolezal
Part-time Professor of Theology, Philosophy, and Church History
Cairn University
Langhorne, PA

Guest speaker:

Dr. James M. Renihan
Dean and Professor of Historical Theology
Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies
Escondido, CA


Monday, November 2, 2014

1. Registration/check-in: Monday, November 2 – 1:30-2:45pm
2. Session 1 (lecture, Dr. Renihan): Monday afternoon, November 2 – 3:00-4:00pm
3. Break: Monday afternoon, November 2 – 4:00-4:15pm
4. Session 2 (lecture #1, Present State of the Doctrine of God in Evangelicalism, Dr. Dolezal): Monday afternoon, November 2 – 4:15-5:15pm
5. Dinner: complimentary Tacos (full-conference attendees only), Monday, November 2 – 5:15-6:30pm
6. Session 3 (lecture #2, Divine Simplicity: 1. The Theological Grammar of Orthodoxy, Dr. Dolezal): Monday evening, November 2 – 6:30-7:30pm
7. Break: Monday evening, November 3 – 7:30-7:50pm
8. Session 4 (Q&A, Drs. Dolezal and Renihan): Monday evening, November 2 – 7:50-8:30pm

Tuesday, November 3, 2014

9. Session 5 (lecture #3, Divine Simplicity: 2. On the Inadequacy of Harmonism and Actualism, Dr. Dolezal): Tuesday morning, November 3 – 8:30-9:30am
10. Break: Tuesday morning, November 3 – 9:30-9:50am
11. Session 6 (lecture #4, Divine Eternity: The Challenge of Creation, Dr. Dolezal): Tuesday morning, November 3 – 9:50-10:50am
12. Break: Tuesday morning, November 3 – 10:50-11:10am
13. Session 7 (Panel Discussion on Divine Impassibility: Dr. Dolezal, Dr. Renihan, and Sam Renihan): Tuesday morning, November 3 – 11:10am-12:10pm
14. Lunch: complimentary Argentine BBQ (full-conference attendees only), Tuesday afternoon, November 3 – 12:10-1:30pm
15. Break: Tuesday afternoon, November 3 – 1:30-6:30pm
16. Session 8: (lecture #5, Trinity: Rehabilitating the Unity of Being, Dr. Dolezal): Tuesday evening, November 3 – 6:30-7:30pm
17. Break: Tuesday evening, November 3 – 7:30-7:50pm
18. Session 9 (Q&A, conference speakers): Tuesday evening, November 3 – 7:50-8:30pm
19. Closing prayer and doxology

SCRBPC 2015 Of God and of the Holy Trinity, Dr. James E. Dolezal

Topic: Of God and of the Holy Trinity

Dates: Monday-Tuesday, November 2 & 3, 2015

Speakers: Dr. James E. Dolezal and James M. Renihan

Format: Six lectures, Two Q&A sessions, One panel discussion on Divine Impassibility with Q&A at the end


Stay tuned for registration info.

Journal of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies 2015 article titles

You can view the article titles for the next edition of JIRBS here.

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Dabney Olguin

“It truly was a privilege learning from Dr. Trueman concerning the Reformed confessional doctrine of Holy Scripture and the historical background, which led to those confessional statements. His lectures gave me new vigor to dig deeply into the all-important doctrine of Scripture even more. They as well gave me greater appreciation for the saints of the early church and the medieval period. Beside the wonderful lectures was the joy of being surrounded by brothers in the Lord, many of whom are ministers of the Word and many who are training to be. I look forward to returning to the next conference! Thank you to all who worked to put it together.”

Dabney Olguin

Student at Westminster Seminary California and IRBS

member of Christ Reformed Baptist Church, WI

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Nate Perkins

“I recently attended the SCRBPC in La Mirada, CA. I am not a pastor and also I am new to Reformed theology so to say I’m green is an understatement. Having said that, as a lay teacher, this conference was very appropriate. Trinity Reformed Baptist Church was a gracious host as the facilities were clean and comfortable. The speakers were engaging, well thought and, to my surprise, very approachable. The conference began with a timely session on the importance of Scripture by Dr. Trueman. So much could be said about just this lecture but there were 6 more sessions, not to mention the great Q&As. I appreciated Dr. Barcellos’ ‘Getting the Garden Right’ lecture, as it looked at the always interesting subject of hermeneutics. Dr. Trueman capped the conference with an inspiring and encouraging lecture on the theology of preaching. I must mention the food that was provided. The two meals were worth the conference fee in themselves. I would highly recommend this conference to anyone in leadership, and a must for those who lead/teach in a Reformed Baptist congregation.”

Nate Perkins

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Cameron Porter

“SCRBPC 2014 was excellent, in every way. Being a strong proponent of conferences containing theological instruction and content, and a strong objector to the modern trend in “leadership and vision” conferences, I was very pleasantly contented in the lectures given by all three men. Dr. Trueman’s lectures on the doctrine of Scripture from a historical perspective provided some great information, strengthening the understanding of the Protestant approach to authority, and the historical consistency of viewing the Scriptures as the only rule of faith. Dr. Renihan, as usual, opened up the confessional language in a way that only he can, providing a wonderfully in-depth explanation of the first statement of chapter one. Finally, Dr. Barcellos’ lecture on hermeneutics and the covenant of works was thorough, excellent, and very well-presented. His defense of the doctrine of the covenant of works, strengthened by his insistence that Christians employ the hermeneutics that the biblical authors themselves employed – even more, that God himself employed – is very needed in our day of doctrinal decline and acquiescence to faulty hermeneutics.

On a few different notes, the structure and schedule of the various sessions and breaks was perfect; the food was so good that I found myself wanting seconds, thirds, and fourths; and the fellowship with other like-minded brethren was heart-warming and refreshing. Knowing that “God alone is Lord of the conscience,” I cannot command anyone to register for next year’s conference, but I do strongly recommend it to anyone able to attend.”
Cameron Porter, Pastor

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Robert Cosby

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, from the thought-provoking and edifying sessions, to the excellent meals and fellowship. Dr. Trueman was very helpful in understanding the history and doctrine of Scripture, and Dr. Renihan really helped in the understanding our Confession. The hermeneutical guidance by Dr. Barcellos was also very edifying. If I can only go to one conference next year, it will be SCRBPC.”

Robert Cosby, Pastor

Tucson Reformed Baptist Church, Tucson, AZ

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Steven Gonzales

“This was my first year at the SCRBPC and I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the hard work put into this conference. The food was amazing and the host church, Trinity Reformed Baptist in La Mirada, CA, showed Christ-like hospitality. I was blessed by being able to see and talk to the men that I love and look up to in the ministry. Dr. Barcellos brought in top-notch teaching to the 2014 SCRBPC. With so many claiming to be “reformed” today, it was a blessing to have truly confessional Reformed men come together and teach us the great truths of the faith. Dr. Trueman taught four mind-stretching messages on the doctrine of Scripture that were edifying and faithful to the real meaning of sola Scriptura and the importance of the historical view of this topic. I have to say that Dr. Renihan’s message on Chapter 1 Paragraph 1 of the 1689 LBCF was one of my favorites. I always knew that there was a difference between the 1689 LBCF and WCF in chapter 1 paragraph 1; however, Dr. Renihan shed much light on the differences with great care and clarity. Dr. Barcellos gave an excellent message on the covenant of works: “Getting the Garden Right,” and showed us that if we get the garden wrong there will be consequences in our theology. His exhortation to read through the Scriptures often if we are going have good hermeneutics was well-taken and convicting. I was blessed to sit under the caliber of teaching at this year’s SCRBPC. SCRBPC will continue to deliver top-notch teaching in 2015 with Dr. James Dolezal lecturing on the second chapter of the 1689 LBCF on the doctrine of God. Unless providentially hindered, I will not miss it and you shouldn’t either!”

Steven Gonzales

Deacon, Grace Covenant Church, Gilbert, AZ

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Rob-roy Nelson

“Richard Barcellos and the team that generously serves in putting together the Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference (SCRBPC) have succeeded in creating a special gem. So special that, by God’s grace, it is quickly becoming a must-attend annual event. The SCRBPC delivers top-notch speakers in a warm and welcoming church setting that is both unique and refreshing. Having attended the past few years, I can confidently affirm that this conference is God-centered, God-honoring, and God-glorifying. Conferences that combine the highest standard of biblical teaching, and a warm personal touch, are few and far between. My fellow elders and men from the congregation are making this a yearly staple on our calendars. I encourage you to do the same.”

Rob-roy Nelson

Grace Covenant Church

Gilbert, Arizona