For the edification of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors 

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testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Robert Cosby

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, from the thought-provoking and edifying sessions, to the excellent meals and fellowship. Dr. Trueman was very helpful in understanding the history and doctrine of Scripture, and Dr. Renihan really helped in the understanding our Confession. The hermeneutical guidance by Dr. Barcellos was also very edifying. If I can only go to one conference next year, it will be SCRBPC.”

Robert Cosby, Pastor

Tucson Reformed Baptist Church, Tucson, AZ

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Steven Gonzales

“This was my first year at the SCRBPC and I cannot express my gratitude enough for all the hard work put into this conference. The food was amazing and the host church, Trinity Reformed Baptist in La Mirada, CA, showed Christ-like hospitality. I was blessed by being able to see and talk to the men that I love and look up to in the ministry. Dr. Barcellos brought in top-notch teaching to the 2014 SCRBPC. With so many claiming to be “reformed” today, it was a blessing to have truly confessional Reformed men come together and teach us the great truths of the faith. Dr. Trueman taught four mind-stretching messages on the doctrine of Scripture that were edifying and faithful to the real meaning of sola Scriptura and the importance of the historical view of this topic. I have to say that Dr. Renihan’s message on Chapter 1 Paragraph 1 of the 1689 LBCF was one of my favorites. I always knew that there was a difference between the 1689 LBCF and WCF in chapter 1 paragraph 1; however, Dr. Renihan shed much light on the differences with great care and clarity. Dr. Barcellos gave an excellent message on the covenant of works: “Getting the Garden Right,” and showed us that if we get the garden wrong there will be consequences in our theology. His exhortation to read through the Scriptures often if we are going have good hermeneutics was well-taken and convicting. I was blessed to sit under the caliber of teaching at this year’s SCRBPC. SCRBPC will continue to deliver top-notch teaching in 2015 with Dr. James Dolezal lecturing on the second chapter of the 1689 LBCF on the doctrine of God. Unless providentially hindered, I will not miss it and you shouldn’t either!”

Steven Gonzales

Deacon, Grace Covenant Church, Gilbert, AZ

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Rob-roy Nelson

“Richard Barcellos and the team that generously serves in putting together the Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference (SCRBPC) have succeeded in creating a special gem. So special that, by God’s grace, it is quickly becoming a must-attend annual event. The SCRBPC delivers top-notch speakers in a warm and welcoming church setting that is both unique and refreshing. Having attended the past few years, I can confidently affirm that this conference is God-centered, God-honoring, and God-glorifying. Conferences that combine the highest standard of biblical teaching, and a warm personal touch, are few and far between. My fellow elders and men from the congregation are making this a yearly staple on our calendars. I encourage you to do the same.”

Rob-roy Nelson

Grace Covenant Church

Gilbert, Arizona

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Curt Arend

“I would like to recommend the SCRBPC which is held each year around Reformation Day in Southern California. I have had the blessing of attending the 2012 and 2014 conferences. Both times were an immense blessing; both for my own soul and for my ministry as a pastor. This past conference was focused on the doctrine of Scripture and was very edifying and practical.  The lectures delivered by Drs. Trueman, Barcellos, and Renihan were full of meat, devotion and rich historical background, which has reinforced my strong, confessional stance of the Holy Scriptures being the only sufficient, infallible rule  of saving knowledge and faith. The fellowship and food were excellent as well. The conference is not for the faint in heart. Those used to “fluffy” shallow conferences will feel out of place. The only thing fluffy about this conference was Rich Barcellos’ jokes. 🙂 Seriously, mark your calendars now for next fall.”

 Pastor Curt Arend
 Grace Bible Church, San Diego, CA

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Jeff Lembke

“This was my first time attending the SCRBPC, and I plan on attending again in the future. I am not a pastor, but I found the conference to be a great opportunity to make like-minded friends, enjoy excellent fellowship, and receive excellent teaching from some of the best scholars the Reformed movement has to offer. The topic was timely and critically relevant. Each session was riveting and helpful. I’m looking forward to coming again next year and reconnecting with new friends.”

Jeff Lembke
Monroe, WA

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Chad Vegas

“The last two years the elders of Sovereign Grace Church of Bakersfield have had the privilege of attending the Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference. We have been deeply challenged by the teaching, encouraged by the warm welcome and hospitality we have received, and even been fed well. As a pastor, I look for opportunities like this to challenge my men to think and grow. I relish the chance to spend time with them reflecting on important truths of the faith. This conference provides such a great opportunity for that without breaking the bank. We hope to come and bring more men along each year.”

Pastor Chad Vegas

Sovereign Grace Church, Bakersfield, CA

Sovereign Grace Academy

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Ray Warwick, African Christian University

I was recently privileged to represent African Christian University at the Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church in La Mirada, CA. I had a wonderful time. In addition to seeing many dear, old friends and meeting several new friends, I was treated to warm and gracious hospitality by the hosting church. Dr. Carl Trueman gave four outstanding lectures on the doctrine of Scripture; they were both fascinating and enlightening. Drs. James Renihan and Richard Barcellos supported Dr. Trueman’s teaching with excellent lectures as well. I thank God for being permitted to attend this wonderful conference. Perhaps, someday, we can schedule a “repeat performance” at ACU in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa.
Ray Warwick
Academic Dean

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Bill Hier of Reformed Baptist Fellowship and Theology Forum

Regarding the SCRBPC 2014, my advice to all who have not attended, yet find themselves within the geographical area and/or with the providentially given funds to do so, make this one a priority, especially those who claim to subscribe to the scriptural understanding that is summarized in the 1689 LBCF.

Having attended the last two of these conferences, I can say that it just keeps getting better. Next year’s slate being set for the exposition of the doctrine of God with Dr. James E. Dolezal as the keynote speaker simply promises to continue this ongoing practice of delivering to the servants of God such teaching as will progressively benefit the church in an ongoing manner, to the glory of God.

The quality of each presentation is expositional, bringing to life those themes most dear to the believer’s heart, kept within the covenantal framework of Reformed confessional orthodoxy. This is done with direct address of church history, theology proper, and each major scriptural doctrine as it has developed in further clarity throughout the church’s existence. The emphasis is that we do not treat Scripture in a vacuum, but with the entirety of the weight of the church of Jesus Christ throughout its history.

Besides the excellent scholarship and practical applications, the food is outstanding.


Bill Hier, Reformed Baptist Fellowship and Theology Forum (Facebook)

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Larry Vincent

“I’m thankful I attended the SCRBP Conference this year. We heard excellent, helpful teaching from men who are masters of their material. The instruction was especially pertinent for pastors, giving them content and analysis from these capable teachers that will be of genuine benefit to carrying out their own teaching ministries. They expanded our understanding of the doctrine of the Scripture and gave us a better grasp of its historical roots and connections so that we may be of more help to our own churches. I greatly appreciate the services provided by so many fellow believers of the Southern California Association of Reformed Baptist Churches that made this a worthwhile and successful conference.”

Pastor Larry Vincent

Heritage Baptist Church, Mansfield, TX

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Steve Marquedant

“The SCRBPC was created to help fill a vital need among Reformed Baptists today. Here is a conference that is fully confessional and deals with solid doctrinal topics for pastors at a seminary level (with no tests!). Dr. Trueman’s lectures were outstanding–as were the lectures from Drs. Renihan and Barcellos. The teaching, the food, the fellowship, the food, the venue, and did I mention THE FOOD was outstanding. This conference is now drawing men from places far from Southern California, which is making it even better. Mark your calendars for next year–you will not be sorry you did!”


Steve Marquedant

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church – Ontario, California