For the edification of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors 

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testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Confessing Baptist’s Patrick McWilliams

“I haven’t been to many conferences, but it’s hard for me to imagine a more enjoyable experience than the SCRBPC 2014. The keynote and guest speakers are among the best in the confessionally Reformed world. It provides a wonderful opportunity for stretching the mind in an environment of warm fellowship. Even the food is particularly exceptional. I highly, highly recommend marking a spot on your schedule for next year!”

Patrick McWilliams

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Jon Cochran

“The SCRBPC should be on every Reformed pastor’s yearly “must attend” list. The conference features top tier academics delivering thorough explanations of doctrines of vital importance to the health and holiness of Christ’s church in a clear and accessible manner. In addition to providing excellent teaching, the fellowship is both warm and encouraging. The SCRBPC aims to minister to the minds, hearts (and stomachs) of attendees and definitely hits the mark.”

Pastor Jon Cochran
Portico Church, Orange, CA

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Jim Butler

“The SCRBPC is an excellent conference. Its function is to provide sound biblical, theological, and historical teaching to assist pastors in understanding the 2LCF, and hence, the Bible. Dr. Trueman’s sessions on the doctrine of Scripture in history were most helpful. That our Reformed forefathers were not innovators but rather men who summarized the consistent teaching of the church through its history was very illuminating. Dr. Renihan’s message on the the addition of the first line in 2LCF 1:1 and its historical background was also excellent. Dr. Barcellos’ presentation on the covenant of works was not only excellent, but essential for men in the ministry today. As was pointed out, if one tampers with the covenant of works, one will inevitably tamper with the covenant of grace. The fellowship was also excellent as attendees are surrounded by men who are likewise engaged in pastoral ministry. Finally, a man once told me “Calvinists eat well.” This conference substantiates this claim!”

Pastor James P. Butler

Free Grace Baptist Church, Chilliwack, B.C., Canada

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor Jeff Massey

“In order to teach what accords with sound doctrine to our congregations we must first know and delight in sound doctrine ourselves. These conferences which promote the glorious doctrines of God’s free grace and  function within the theological framework of the Second London Baptist Confession and the Baptist Catechism offer pastors and men who aspire to the Christian ministry an opportunity to grow in their understanding of what sound doctrine is and how it should be articulated to the people of God. Having attended and profited from all of the conferences held to date, I would say this – if you can only attend one pastors’ conference in the coming year, make every effort, Lord willing, to attend this one!”

Jeffrey A. Massey

Church Planter

Redeemer Reformed Baptist Church, Redlands, CA

Host, Redeemer Radio


testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor John Giarizzo


It was an honor and blessing to be able to attend the conference. I appreciated the fine messages by Dr. Trueman and the personal anecdotes he occasionally included (such as where to find the best potato pancakes in Eisenach, Germany). Dr. Trueman’s final message about Luther was most stimulating. Dr. Renihan opened my eyes to the opening paragraph of our Confession to see the improvement over the WCF and the Savoy. Your message on “Getting the Garden Right” was disappointing to me since I thought it would help me with my unhealthy tomato plants. Actually it was outstanding – you should write a book on it! Thanks for the full manuscript too. I was able to give you my full attention without having to worry about taking notes. The fellowship was refreshing and the dinner/dessert was outstanding.  This conference not only increased my understanding of the doctrine of Scripture, but it also stirred my heart toward a deeper devotion to the God who gave this glorious Word.”


Pastor John Giarizzo

Grace Covenant Church, Gilbert, AZ

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Pastor David Pitman

“The Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors Conference 2014 proved to be an exceptional blessing to me. The focus on the Doctrine of Scripture was well-planned and well-presented. I appreciated how carefully the speakers stayed with the subject and how consistently they honored the schedule.  The food and the fellowship were splendid. This conference, while targeting a definite denominational emphasis, was also able to edify and encourage a wider audience of like-minded ministers. I recommend this conference.”

Pastor David Pitman

Addyston Baptist Church

testimony from SCRBPC 2014 Dr. Sam Waldron

“I enjoyed the SCRBPC 2014 because of its intellectual-theological focus. It is also great to be able to submit, even by text, questions and have the speakers respond. The fellowship is also great, worth putting up with Barcellos and his white socks!  Finally, both meals were wonderful and will be a cause of self-denial in the days ahead!”

Dr. Sam Waldron

Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Owensboro, KY

Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary

SCRBPC 2015, November 2-3, Dr. James Dolezal, Of God and of the Holy Trinity

The SCRBPC 2015 will be addressing Chapter 2 of the Second London Confession of Faith (1689), Of God and of the Holy Trinity. The key-note speaker will be Dr. James Dolezal. Stay tuned for more information.

final section of SCRBPC 2014 lecture on hermeneutics and the covenant of works



Moses, writing after the historical account of creation, utilizes the covenantal name of God, Yahweh, while discussing Adam’s Edenic vocation (Gen. 2:4ff.). Isaiah utilizes concepts that started with Adam to explain the universal guilt of man, while using the word “covenant” (Isa. 25:5-6). Hosea, looking back upon previous written revelation, makes explicit what was implicit in it. The inspired prophet gives us God’s infallible understanding of one of the similarities between ancient Israel and Adam. Both had a covenant imposed on them by God and both transgressed their covenants (Hos. 6:7). Paul, while reflecting on Adam’s Edenic vocation, contrasts the disobedience of Adam and its results with the obedience of Christ and its results (Rom. 5:19). The term “works” in the phrase “covenant of works” contrasts with “grace” and gift” in Romans 5:17. Paul asserts that Adam was a type of Christ (Rom. 5:14). Adam sinned and fell short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). Christ did not sin (Heb. 4:15) and, upon his resurrection, entered into glory (Luke 24:46; Acts 26:19-23; 1 Pet. 1:10-12), a quality of life conferred upon him due to his obedience (Rom. 5:21).

It was these biblical realities, understood by the utilization of the hermeneutical principles of the Holy Spirit as the only infallible interpreter of Holy Scripture, analogia Scripturae, analogia fidei, and scopus Scripturae, that led to the formulation of the doctrine of the covenant of works. One might disagree with the exegetical conclusions that led to the formulation of the doctrine, but no one can claim they came to their theological conclusions prior to the exegesis of the biblical text. Anyone who does so either misunderstood what they read when they studied the seventeenth-century men or they did not study the seventeenth-century men.

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