For the edification of confessional Reformed Baptist pastors 

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who can attend the Southern California Reformed Baptist Pastors’ Conference?

Some have asked if the conference is restricted to Reformed Baptist pastors. The answer is, “No.” Though it is geared toward them, we allow anyone interested to attend. Here is this year’s schedule and here is the registration page.

Lectures by Drs. Renihan and Barcellos for SCRBPC 2014

Dr. Renihan will be lecturing on chapter 1 of our Confession. His lecture title is “Sufficient, Certain and Infallible: The Inscripturated Word.”

Dr. Barcellos will be lecturing on Hermeneutics and the formulation of the doctrine of the covenant of works. He will discuss some hermeneutical principles of seventeenth-century Federal Theology and how the doctrine of the covenant of works was formulated utilizing those principles.

two complimentary meals will be served at SCRBPC 2014

We are glad to announce that full-conference attendees will share in two complimentary meals together – Argentine BBQ and Tacos. Both meals will be prepared on-site by very competent chefs.

SCRBPC 2014, Nov. 3-4

This year’s conference will be held at the Trinity Reformed Baptist Church building in La Mirada, CA. The keynote¬†speaker will be Dr. Carl R. Trueman. The topic is the doctrine of Scripture. Drs. Renihan and Barcellos will be guest speakers. There will be more information given in the next two weeks – i.e., registration information, etc. Stay tuned!

SCRBPC might have Logos representative at this year’s conference

We are working on partnering with Logos for the 2013 Conference. More info. to follow.

“What can my wife do at the SCRBPC 2013 if she comes with me?”

“What can my wife do at the SCRBPC 2013 if she comes with me?” A friend emailed me today asking this good question. Here’s our answer: If you bring your wife, she can sit in on all the lectures, no extra charge.

SCRBPC 2013 registration is now open!

SCRBPC 2013 registration is now open. You can secure your registration here.

“News” is now “Updates”

The SCRBPC “Updates” page will provide news and information for the upcoming conference and direct you to other sites and books of interest.